We solicit submissions of long papers, short papers and position papers from diverse backgrounds, with the aim of promoting the exchange of ideas between researchers working in the areas mentioned below. We welcome submissions from diverse multidisciplinary perspectives, as well as PhD students or those new to the field.

This workshop will focus on the many aspects of personalisation for health delivery, related to e-Health environments. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Adaptive and personalised e-Health information systems (including adaptive content, search and interface)
  • Tailored health education and advice (written and online)
  • Promoting trust and compliance to health advice
  • Personalised assistance, including for special citizens (e.g. disabled, elderly)
  • Personalisation in chronic care (e.g. asthma or diabetes management) as opposed to acute care (e.g. ICU setting)
  •  Novel personalisation approaches to facilitate improved communication between healthcare professionals and patients
  • Personalisation and user modelling to support patient self-management
  • Privacy issues for health related user models
  • Personalisation based both on biometric or genomic factors and clinical information
  • Tailored decision support (for patients and practitioners)
  • Supporting the implementation of guidelines and protocols in healthcare
  • Models of user learning, knowledge, attitude and behaviour change (including compliance)
  • Tailored behaviour change interventions to promote healthy living (e.g. diet, exercise).
  • Business models (personalisation to various stakeholders)
  • Ontologies for user models (including provenance) for tailored health care delivery
  • Methods for evaluating user satisfaction with personalised ehealth systems (weblog analysis, tracking users, quantitative and qualitative methods)
  • Reports on evaluation studies of personalised eHealth systems.
  • Mobile and wearable healthcare systems for the personalisation of eHealth
  • Smart Healthcare (“Internet of Things”) systems
  • Tailored emotional support for patients, healthcare professionals and carers.
  • Innovative representations of personal health profiles and models
  • Personalisation in online support for health and wellbeing
  • Using personalisation in technology to support medical procedures
  • Healthcare systems that adapt to physiological and environmental cues

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Personalisation and Adaptation in Technology for Health Workshop at UMAP 2016